December 11, 2012 marks the 1 year Anniversary of the violent attack on Adron Matlock. The family of Adron Matlock would like to Thank those who continue to support him during this difficult time. Love has Truely Defeated Hate.

Adron Matlock an East Texas Native while on a work assignment in Shreveport La. was attacked by 4 white males On December 11,2011 at approximately 01:15am. Only one of the 4 suspects was arrested, the other 3 accessory to the crime committed against Adron have been allowed to walk this earth with no consequences. The lone suspect broke a bottle and made it a weapon and stabbed Adron in the neck area and severed his left ear, jugular vein and carotid artery causing Adron to bleed out all of his blood. The lone suspect was charged with a simple one count of aggravated second-degree battery when he should be charged with pre-meditated attempted murder.

Adron's employer has basically washed their hands of Adron since the incident. Three days past before his employer answered our phone calls. They claim they had no knowledge that Adron was involved in such a horrific incident. Adron has been left for dead by his two co-workers who accompanied Adron on the two week work assignment. They have yet to pay him a visit at the Hospital. Adron's employer has also abandoned him and has yet to offer their condolences or lend any kind of emotional or financial support. They are refusing to pay his medical bills due to a technicality.

The family of Adron Matlock has started a fundraiser for Adron to help cover his medical expenses and to support his children who has been by his side since this incident. EverRibbon is accepting donations online.

Donate to The Adron Matlock Fund on EverRibbon

Many loving friends and family have inquired about having the option to making donations at a local bank instead of online. The family has setup an account at Chase Bank to Accept Donations on Adron Matlock behalf.

If you would like to donate to Adron Matlock you can visit any Chase Bank and make a donation to the following account#3012221585. Thank You for supporting Adron in such a sad time in his life. Click the Chase logo below to locate a Chase Bank in your area.

Chase Bank


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